Craniosacral Therapy is a very gentle holding technique, which encourages harmony and healing, generates a feeling of relaxation and well being and works at a very deep and subtle level to unravel areas of tightness or trauma.


This way of working is based on the idea of craniosacral motion.  A system of rhythmic movements - reflected in every cell of the body - craniosacral motion was discovered a century ago by surgeons and osteopaths.


This ebb and flow, which originates in the extra-cellular fluid surrounding the brain and spinal column, is barely detectable except by the light touch of a trained therapist.  Physical or emotional trauma can be held in the body as an area of blocked energy, and the fluid will ‘organise’ itself around these contracted tissues.  When unblocked, the fluids will flow without interruption, creating space and allowing the body to work at its best.


Craniosacral Therapy is non-invasive and does not force the body to change; instead it allows space and support for the body to adjust and heal itself.


Sessions last about an hour.

Charges are £45 for first session, £40 thereafter.


 For enquiries about Craniosacral Therapy, or to make a booking, contact Eileen

 by email: or phone: 01363 777261


Craniosacral Therapy ~

Eileen Bonner