Penny Lowery ~

Counselling and Psychotherapy

‘Talking’ therapies offer a safe and supportive environment in which to explore difficult issues and develop greater self-knowledge.  Past experiences and our responses to them affect present ways of feeling and behaving, and these responses are often not under our conscious control.  Unresolved issues may leave us feeling stuck, unhappy or powerless to change our lives.


Within the safety of the alliance between client and counsellor it is possible to explore how these past experiences affect us in the present, and to resolve and release our blocks. Through this process we become more understanding and accepting of ourselves, break free from old patterns, and release the energy needed to make healthy and positive choices.


Short term counselling can be useful for specific issues such as bereavement, interpersonal conflict and other causes of stress, enabling clients to work out   strategies for dealing with their difficulties and gain more insight into the cause of the problem.


Longer-term therapeutic work is available for more complex issues, such as struggles with sexuality, depression, anxiety, repeated negative patterns in relationships, addictions, troubled eating and body image, feelings of isolation, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, or the  effects of abuse in childhood.


My methods of working are based on an equal relationship between client and counsellor, listening, observation and feedback.  I use the theory and practice of Gestalt therapy, whose principal ideas are the wholeness of the person, and the connectedness between body and psyche, past and present.  I have also incorporated into my work the exploration of dreams and the use of artwork and images, drawn from my training in Transpersonal Psychology.  


I trained at the Pellin Centre and Pellin Institute in London and Italy from 1988 to 1991, gaining diplomas in Gestalt Counselling and Psychotherapy. I later completed three years’ further training with the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology,  and gained accreditation with the British Association of Counsellors in 1994.


I use a flexible approach dictated by the client’s requirements, incorporating visualisation, dreamwork and family constellation work. My recent online training includes a course in Meditation and Psychotherapy with Tara Brach, whose system includes the exploration of painful issues through mindfulness practice.


Please call for an appointment or to discuss you particular needs: 01363 777261