Acupuncture ~ Penny Lowery

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years in China, one of the most advanced civilisations of the  ancient world.  It is equally applicable to a wide range of health problems encountered in contemporary life: addictions, headaches, indigestion, sciatica, hay fever, stomach ulcers, backache, sciatica and period pains are just a handful of conditions that I have treated.  Please contact me to enquire whether acupuncture may be helpful for your particular condition.


As a drug-free therapy it has the additional advantage of being safe for pregnant women.



How does it work?

Although current research indicates that acupuncture may work by affecting the nerves and synapses, releasing healing chemicals called endorphins, the system still used for teaching and practising acupuncture relies on the traditional model used in China for centuries.  This is based on the idea that energy or life-force (qi) flows throughout the body along both deep and superficial pathways. We can intervene with this life-force by inserting needles and gently manipulating them, to encourage a better energetic flow and improve well-being on all levels.


Does it hurt?

Responses vary, but most people find acupuncture, properly carried out, almost painless. Once in place, the needles remain there for between ten and twenty minutes, during which time the client rests on a treatment table.  Most people find this part of the treatment extremely pleasant, as deep levels of relaxation are often attained - clients have been known to fall asleep with needles in place!


How long is a course of treatment?

Usually between six and ten sessions, initially at weekly intervals and subsequently fortnightly.  Many people like to keep having treatment as ’maintenance,’  either monthly or at the change of seasons.  Both one-off and longer courses are possible, according to individual requirements.  For smoking cessation, for example, about three treatments are recommended.


How soon will I feel the benefit?

This is difficult to predict, and varies from one individual to another.  A number of factors affect how well acupuncture will work for you: how long you have had the condition, for example, as well as age, diet and lifestyle.  I can advise on nutrition, and will often suggest adjuncts to the treatment such as herbs or Bach flower remedies.


How are the needles sterilised?

All the needles used are disposable.  They are taken from sterile packaging, and discarded after a single use.


How much does it cost?

The initial session, which lasts about an hour, costs £45.  Follow-up sessions are £40.


Where did you train?

I studied for three years at the College of Traditional Acupuncture, between 1982 and 85, gaining the Licence in Acupuncture required to practice in the UK.  I did a further training - the JCM Seminars - between 1986 and 87.

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